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 ​​​"Now you can Enhance your client's experience of "Wellness in Recovery" with our new educational DVD series brought to you by Oak Valley productions."

Our series is a Fresh Approach to living an authentic well-balanced life from addiction. We know how important teaching individuals the skills and tools needed to reach long-term recovery. We also feel it is just as important giving them the tools to break free from addictions and nurture their mind, body, and spirit. Give them "the lift up needed" by using our series to teach them how to start the inner work necessary to process past shame, address underlying issues, and exchange them with self-worth, resilience, and inspiration to continue that momentum when leaving your facility.

 Our DVDs are the New Healthy Approach to Recovery. Give every individual the best of both, learning and education while sharing recovery skills to begin the inner work to a lifetime of longevity, well-being and a beautiful new life in recovery!

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$34.95 per DVD  Comes with  client  workbooks.

 Additional workbooks can be purchased as needed.

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