David E. McCauley,  Author of

* Addiction to Recovery / Unlocking your Potential                            Published  2016

* Emotional Healing / What Cost So Little, is Worth So Much           Published  2018  

As Chairman of the Board/Founder of the Oak Valley Foundation and CEO Oak Valley Recovery Media LLC, he is available to share this journey of faith, resilience, perseverance, self-preservation and never giving up from the depths of destruction to a profound new life.This deep inner soul-searching journey is about a transformation of one's life. How as human beings we have the innate ability to find our true self and rise above life’s trials and tribulations. An understanding of what is the true meaning of life.

This motivational and inspirational journey is about how we must never give up on ourselves or life no matter how hard we have fallen there is always the next day to brush ourselves off and rebuild our lives. This story is about one man's journey from rags to riches to complete destruction from addiction and what it takes to come back from the lowest point of one's life to a completeness and wholeness of the inner self and the rebuilding process of a whole new life filled with  happiness, inner peace and the freedom to be a unique individual in your own right.

It is in our seeing, our knowing, our understanding, our believing and focusing our attention that we receive the gift of happiness, inner peace and the freedom we so desire.

One must hear, one must see, one must seek out, one must take, as one does not have to ask the one who gives.

 David E. McCauley is available for speaking engagements for conventions, symposiums , schools, community centers, churches, corporate settings, etc.

David can be reached through…...............david@oakvalleyfoundation.com

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